Who´s this guy?

img_4554Hey, I´m Claes (every non-Swede trying to pronounce that is gonna butcher it, everything close is good with me)

Last time I checked I was born (1970) and raised in Berlin by Swedish parents, moved to Sweden at age 22 and gave up on the climate in 2012 and moved to Cyprus in September 2013, much due to what I learned from Mark & Dave while going through Go90Grow in spring/summer 2012 and fall 2012/winter 2013.

The move timing perfectly with launch of MKE in 2013 actually made my totally miss all the emails and I only got into the MKE in 2014. Things were starting to move on at quite some rate of speed…

  • minor issues that previously bugged the freaking daylight out of me became suddenly of no importance
  • I felt more at peace, closer to myself and others, more trusting and more relaxed
  • worries about the future tended to fade away and I got increasingly sure about what it holds
  • I started to know, that I know, that I know that the universe and everything in it is innately good and supporting all my needs and wants
  • small inexplicable things started to happen, people showing up at the right time to help me advance, situations resolving like magic, life started to seem fluid and easy instead of a struggle and fight

Though i could go on forever I´ll just give it a break here as everyone experiences different effects of the course and I don´t want to inspire to many expectations 😉

Anyway, I decided to go through the guide course and received awesome training to help members develop their DMP´s, stay on track with the tasks etc. and I really enjoyed working with “my” tribe of members. Even developed lasting relationships with a few of them I´m grateful to have met two wonderful ladies in their native country Holland and visiting a guy in ZA early next year.

The relationships that develop during this kind of experience hold the capacity to last a life time. In November 2014 we were encouraged to find a Mastermind Partner and one of the people I started chatting with, Lance Botha from Cape Town, has been a tremendous support and become a dear friend I probably would never have met if not for the MKE. I´m absolutely stoked to spend time with him and his family during the same trip to ZA mentioned above!

I feel immensely grateful and blessed to call so many great and wonderful people my friends (You know who You are and I don´t wanna risk missing to mention anyone ;-))

Outside of the Master Key Experience I help people in my clinic (20 years a Dr of Naprapathy), build a home based business deal and write a hiking blog (www.offthegridhiker.com).
For recreation and fun I love hiking, diving, functional training, cooking and hanging with friends.

I hope You find some value in my writing and want to come back, please fill out the form below to get notification of new posts etc!

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Peace // Claes