MKE 2019, Week 6

Necessities are demands, and demands create action, and actions bring about results. The process of evolution is constantly building our tomorrows out of our todays. Individual development, like Universal
development, must be gradual with an ever-increasing capacity and volume.

4. What effect can be produced by thought? The reply is that thought is mind in motion (just as wind is air in motion), and its effect will depend entirely on the “mechanism to which it is attached.”
5. Here, then, is the secret of all mental power; it depends entirely on the mechanism which we attach.
6. What is this mechanism? You know something of the mechanism which has been invented by Edison, Bell, Marconi and other electrical wizards, by which place and space and time have become only figures of speech, but did you ever stop to think that the mechanism which has
been given you for transforming the Universal, Omnipresent Potential Power was invented by a greater inventor than Edison?

Charles Haanel, ‘The Master Key System’, Part VI

So, what is Haanel really saying here?

In my understanding, he tells us to use the ‘mechanism’ of thought to create a demand in the ‘great mental world’, strong enough to have our conscious mind act on it until it has become a subconscious habit and, thereby, the action is executed automatically which free up the conscious mind for the next endeavor.

In this way, we can consciously create an avalanche of subconscious habits, all driving towards the demand we set in place with our thoughts.

Compare this with what Napoleon Hill says about the Definite Major Purpose!
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