MKE 2018, Week 18.2 – Guest Blogger Debi Lee

Please welcome Debi back for another guest post!

Master Key Experience – Week 17hj

Well, what a surprise to find that instead of Week 18, this is Week 17hj!   Awesome plan to go back and review.  I have read Master Key weeks 9, 10, and 1 so far this week, and loved it.  It truly does mean more now.  I can see myself, at the end of this, re-reading everything on a consistent basis and learning more and more.

Things are going well, I’ve released 9 pounds of holiday weight, and the new fence is almost finished.  I am now coaching 18 people on their own healthy weight loss journeys.  That is a joy, and getting great reports every day.

My next “service” is to get onto paper a proper weekly routine – what will I concentrate most on, on each day of the week?  My prior pattern lacked enough structure since I am my own boss, but now I am so looking forward to continuing to build that framework around which my business will grow exponentially.

Reading the obituaries this week is sort of addicting — Well, just one more….I’m wondering if our next assignment will be to write our own obituary?  Not a bad plan.

Much love for all of you!  We are very blessed to be here, in 2019, working on the Master Key Experience.  May you find the Master Key to your true Destiny!

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