MKE 2019, Week 12

4. The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Charles Haanel, ‘The Master Key System’, Part XII

There’s an old saying that we ‘either grow or die’, and this is never as true as when it comes to personal discovery, every year members quit the MKE at some point during the course of these 6 months, and most of them return the year after. We’ve seen this tendency year after year!

Interestingly enough a lot of members who complete the course also come back after a year or two, just to continue the journey. The reason probably being that it’s so easy to start going backward when society pushes so hard to keep us from going the other direction, and the support and added accountability of the loving community of likeminded people might be the leverage needed to continue on the path of self-discovery and self-development.

Yet let us briefly return to the first group, the people starting over after quitting the first round.
Might it be that they miss the environment that encourages growth?
Or even that they start experiencing the pain of dying when the growth process comes to a stall or kicks into reverse gear?
Or, is it just that we human beings, in general, incorporate a natural need of going forward, and giving it up for comfort or other excuses is, in the end, unbearable?

What do You think?

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