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MKE 2017 Week 1 – Here we go again

First week – members starting to chip of years of cement, educing the marvelously special  individual soul that lies inside them, still dormant and waiting to be released and offer it´s unique gifts to the world!

First week – members taking their first, tiny, sometimes insecure or even wobbly steps in the direction of finding their voice and expressing their truth.

First week – guides getting to take the first look at the members dreams, experiencing the beauty and love in observing the liberation of one more self directed thinker who has been locked up far to long by the expectations of others, teachings of the school system and perceived rules of society.


Needless to say – I´m excited!!!


I remember three years ago when I was starting the Master Key journey and got accepted as a member of the program…. Oh, was there some trials and tribulations already…

  • How should I find the time to read THREE time per day???
  • What??? Webinar at 11PM in my time zone going on for 2-3 hours??? Sundays???
  • Writing a blog??? How does that work??? What shall I write about???
  • And then just the unsure feeling about what I would find when I started to chip off that cement

I mean, at least I know what my life was like at the time…

And it wasn´t bad 😉

On top of everything else I´m a pretty hard core yellow and getting organized is not one of my many talents – I knew even back then, that a lot of the requirements would take longer for me than many others just because I have so much difficulty concentrating and staying with the task at hand.

And, of course, “knowing” that, I manifested it…

I have no idea how many times I had to start over reading some of the paragraphs in the books, I have no idea how many hours I put into the course (and that´s true – measuring isn´t one of my talents either).

Yet what I know now is that if I had known back then I how much effort it would take, I might have backed off…

So, how´s that for encouraging new members??? 😀

Well, I´m still here, right? 😉

Because it happened!!! Somehow I got that thing with PPN´s and DMP sorted out, the reading became a habit (and I stick with it every morning since, even when the course is not running), the SIT went from struggle, to manageable, to effortless, to enjoyable, and now it´s kinda the best time of the day for me.

Or better yet, the days when I sit shorter or not at all (yes it happens, very seldom, but it happens) always turn out less smooth, effortless and miraculous than the ones when I put in the time in the morning!


If You´re struggling – hang in there, it only gets easier with time!

If You´re doubting Your ability – trust the team, the process and Your guide, we´ve been there!

If You fall asleep during the sit – that´s ok, it´s a training wheel starting out!

If You don´t know what to write in Your DMP – trust Your heart to reveal its deepest desires i time!


Last but not least…


I have no idea what my life would have looked like had I quit the course at any of the many times I contemplated doing it, yet what I do know is what this experience has given me and continues to give me. And that´s the main reason I write this for You to read – and I literally have tears in my eyes typing, that too being a result of the MKE, I´m sooo more in touch with my emotions than before!

  1. I would have missed out on a lot of great people I´ve met through the course (I´m not mentioning names here, You all know who You are)
  2. I wouldn´t have experienced one of the members of my first tribe as a guide manifest her number 1 choice university using the Master Key
  3. I would probably not have been to Kauai that many times 😉
  4. I would probably still live in fear instead of faith
  5. I would probably not live a life that´s sooo much better than in my wildest dreams when I wrote that first week draft in 2014

I could go on and on and on about the blessings I received and the small (and huge) inexplicable things that happened and are happening on a daily basis as a result of this course.

Go for it – give it Your best and put in the work. The result will blow You away and boggle Your mind like nothing before in Your life!

And should You, at any point, feel that it really does not work. That You just have to quit for this, that or any other reason…

Wait another second, minute, day, week or month – because on thing I learned years ago is:

“You can always quit – so why quit now???”

You are so worthy of Your dream and the world is so worthy of Your gift!!!

Lets work together to bring it to the world <3 <3 <3

I want You, a few years from now, to write a post while moved to tears by the amazing people starting on their journey to greatness. Not greatness in the eyes of the world, but in the only way that really matters, their own – I´m so happy for You!!!

I´m grateful for You reading this post, please share it with people You know who might like it or benefit from it and leave a comment below to let me know what You think!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

Peace // Claes



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Peace // Claes

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