MKE 2017 Week 6.2 – Guest Blogger Natalie Cottle

Time to meet another one of my tribe member, here´re Natalie´s experiences from week 6 – please check out her blog at:


This past week I am really noticing changes. I have noticed my encounters with people are more positive, I feel happier. The only place I feel there is more of a struggle to achieve this and that is when I am at work.

I had a particularly bad hour at work during the week and I allowed negativity to take control. But I noticed what was happening, stopped what I was thinking, and as I didn’t have access to a written copy at the time, I paused for a few minutes to focus back onto something within my DMP.

The second scroll from the Greatest Salesman talks about love and greeting each day with love in our heart. What a great way to feel! The work we have being doing up till now on controlling our thoughts during the sit and not giving opinions are forging the foundations for us to build on and create a positive mental home. The excitement I feel for this change in me grows alongside it.

My DMP has been signed off. Fantastic feeling. This also brought about a change this week. I know that when I read it the correct messages are going to my subconscious. I have taken steps towards achieving one of my SMART goals and committed to learning some new skills.

Work on linking PPNs and SMART goals with the shapes took a step forward this week with the creation of a movie poster. I can’t help but state one of my SMART goals every time I see a green triangle or yellow square, I still need to get these printed out and put up round the house. I know once I have done this then it will enhance this connection dramatically.







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  1. You are making it happen Natalie!

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