MKE 2018, Week 5 – They’re Getting It

‘Knowing what wonderful friendships I developed with other members in this movement it’s heartwarming to see the same starting to happen between the new members!’
This above paragraph is how I ended last weeks blog post, and just a few hours later we had our weekly tribe call, always Wednesday’s 7 PM CET.
I’m totally blown away by witnessing the masterminding, mutual support and collaboration between the members. I cannot ignore the fact that they seem to ‘get it’ so much faster than I did back when I went through the course first round…
And I’m stoked that this seems to be the case also with other areas, having been a guide for some years now I see a trend how more members develop their DMP’s faster and more eloquent.
Is this because of returning members, who been through the course and actively help out in the alliances?
Is it due to the fact that we’re reaching more people every year and the Law of Growth starts working on the movement as a whole?
Am I delusional and just practicing wishful thinking? (Just kidding… 😊)
Or, is the timing for an experience like the MKE just getting better from year to year? With more people looking for this way of life? Being drawn to a life of actual self-discovery?
What do You think? Or might it be all of the above?
Please leave a comment and let us know!
Peace be the Journey!!!
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Peace // Claes

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  1. Pieter Last says:

    I agree. Awesome working with you Claes.

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