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MKE 2018, Week 15.2 – Guest Blogger Per-Olof Söderblom

Here’s another great post by Per-Olof – enjoy:

Week 14 with Master Key Experience #MKE

To provide nutrition and feed gratitude and happiness

My thought is creative but this creative power origins in the universal mind and I am only a channel for its creativity. It is important to understand that the creative power of thought is always creative so if I don’t feed it with positive thinking it will be negative. If I have a habit to think negative about present conditions being, that is the same as giving fuel and nutrition to negative conditions and to reinforce them to grow stronger.

When I start to change and give myself positive feelings and create positive thoughts I have to know that there will also be a delay until the positive habits and circumstances will show and appear as a reality.

When the old situation has started to go into a transformation it looks like it is still there but it’s power is getting weaker, its roots are cut off and it is slowly but for sure fading away day by day and my new reality is growing stronger day by day.

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MKE 2018, Week 13.2 – Guest Blogger Debi Lee

Time for another guest post by Debi – enjoy: 

Master Key Experience – Week 13

Today I finished the Finding Your Purpose last webinar and exercise.  Davene and Lucinda – great job!  Now I have (again) refined my purpose sentence, it’s similar but feels even better.

“I am a top trainer, earning more than $30,000 per month for both myself and my team in my network marketing business, helping others design their ideal lives.”

So many other WANTS will be taken care of as this big dream is met.

It is unbelievable how much has changed since I started this process.  It is 4 days before Christmas, and I am cool, calm, and collected.  Gifts are wrapped and under the tree, food is planned, lots of small chores have been taken care of, and my office is very close to being totally decluttered and reorganized.  I’m so looking forward to the time off from regular meetings and completing one more big project over the holidays.  I look forward to popping out of bed every day to have my quiet study time and tackle the day.  My monthly income has increased by 60% (and on track to be higher this month).

I am so grateful that I heard of this and made the commitment.  I am grateful for the ones who designed this course and made this opportunity possible.  Grateful….

affection appreciation decoration design
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MKE 2018, Week 11.2 – Guest Blogger Cindy Nadeau

Time to welcome Cindy back for another guest post – enjoy her week 11:

week 11 ,

I do not know if anyone else feels this way but Lately I am missing something in my life, i have been dgging for a long time to figure out what it was,

APPRECIATION OF SELF. Like i do stuff finish it , give it away and i do not fully appreciate what i have done. so I want to Feel the heart and the motion. ACTION ACTION ACTION DO IT NOW. LOVE THE JOURNEY, THE GAL IN THE GLASS IS AMAZING , BE THE GREATEST PERSON EVER IN MY LIFE. oH BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY WHOSE REFLECTION MATTERS.

I am using twitter now, I have no i dea how certain people got on my site, but I thought of the out of the box theory and something will lead to something eventually , i am actually dreaming at nite now of my dmp because i am putting the what ifs into my action. so when i do it. aha. bam i am prepared. i am laughing and walking around with this grin for me. I phoned my friend and i brain stormed with her about my twitter and she is going to do it too. so i helped her help herself. and i did too because she gave me some more ideas about my dmp yaaaa

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MKE 2018, Week 10.2 – Guest Blogger Debi Lee

Master Key Experience – Week 10

When I started this journey, I was not at all certain that I would stick with it.  I had enough faith to set up 9 weeks of dividers in my big notebook.  It has now become such an important part of my day, I even really really missed not having a webinar to listen to last Sunday.  (Appreciate that it was a good time to take a break, though.)

This week I set up my dividers all the way to Week 18, and stopped only because I ran out of dividers.  I am in this for the long haul.  It is making such a difference.  When I start to put something down in the wrong place, or delay what I should do right then, my dear subby says “Do It Now!”  and I do.  My thoughts and my actions are more intentional and organized, and I am even methodically cleaning out hot spots of clutter in my home.  The feeling is wonderful.  My new thought patterns and habits are getting stronger everyday.  My business is thriving.  My confidence is through the roof.

I’m in it to win it, all the way to the end of this life-changing course, and beyond.  Thank you!

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MKE 2018, Week 9.2 – Guest Blogger Gabriella Huri

Enjoy this post by my tribe member Gabi:

The Seven Day Mental Diet Week 9

Mental diet

I’m sure we all have tried to keep a diet in our life at least once. Maybe for the fact that we wanted to lose weight or just to clean our body.

Once in my life I did a complete detox for 4 weeks. It was a cellular detoxification. Every day started with 30 minutes of running and then 4 hours in the sauna on 60 Celsius and at the end I took vitamins, soy lecithin and oil. The dose of the vitamins was increased daily. I can’t forget how I felt at the end of that program. It made me feel like I’m a child again. I was so clean, full of energy.

Why do I mention this?

I’ve started the 7 day mental diet a few times until now and I just constantly fail. Is it possible to do it when you work every day and you are surrounded by only negative people? How can I do it? Any suggestions?

Mark J. talks about it and even though I don’t have the experience, yet, my intuition says that once I master it, I will feel free. Free of judgements and my life will get easier…

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MKE 2018, Week 8.2 – Guest Blogger Debi Lee

Time to meet another member of the tribe – enjoy Debi´s post for week 8:

Master Key Experience- Week 8

Today I’m sitting with a friend who is suffering the effects of chemo. As she rests, it gives me time to think…and then pull out my phone and realize I can blog from the app. Life and death…making the most of the time we have…whether it be 30 weeks or 30 years.

I am invigorated by the process we’ve been going through. And it seems people and opportunities are just showing up. Friday someone rang my doorbell, a friend of my husband’s that I only knew slightly. While he waited for my husband to return, he started right in telling me his health issues. I gave a little insight about what I do, poured him a glass of my peach multi-everything drink, and talked to him about nutrition. The next night he drove an hour to bring his wife back and bought the biggest package we have. They are already telling me who else in their family needs it. If he’d shown up the day before as he had planned, he would have never seen me. Divine appointment, no doubt in our minds.

I had the opportunity to speak to some senior citizens at our local senior center yesterday. There was a sign in the room that said “Dance at Your Own Risk”. Well okay, dance we shall!!!

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MKE 2018, Week 7.2 – Guest Blogger Per-Olof Söderblom

Let us welcome Per-Olof back for the second time, enjoy his post for week 7!

Peace be the Journey // Claes


The week of forgiveness.

So important to forgive. It cleans out a lot of old feelings that are blocking and reducing possibilities in this presence.

To be able to fully engage with expectations I need to forgive.

It comes with a mighty healing power.

I let the forgiveness take place in me here and now.

I told Subby to go to the source and we went straight to the pipe system.

Subby went quickly to the center of the source and the high-frequency vibrant energy filled our being completely. The doubt disappeared instantly and I came to rest and peace.

I felt a pleasant positive sensation in my body. I was just myself and felt very relaxed. There were no anxiety or fear. It was very peaceful and I realized that Subby was a part of me. It came to my understanding that this was healing universal energy.

Subby, this part of me as a horse, did go straight here and it was obvious for me in this moment that this source was precious for us.

I knew here that I was fully capable of doing what I wanted to do.

Subby resisted when I told him to go back. Why do we need to go back, he asked me. I knew Subby needed to stay in this place and I just needed to do some preparations for us to move here. I knew he was right.

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MKE 2018, Week 6.3 – Guest Blogger Cindy Nadeau

So, week 6 is at it´s end, enjoy this blog post from my tribe member, Cindy!

Peace be the Journey // Claes


My busy week and still reading. Wanting to move and groove in my life.


I really think I have my DMP now. Sorting and juggling the words around.


Goodness, i just went wild with my pen just to get my DMP on the page, out and I dissected the paragraphs, I must have written it out 15 times, I gave it to a friend to read and well it was not a good response. I thought to myself if I really had this, how would I feel and so I wrote and investigated words like a publisher looked for mistakes. I wanted to feel my dmp and this is my 10th time reorganizing my paragraphs and saying it out loud. Ok ok someone might think really is this necessary? It is too much work. That is too much, well i say wrong for me. because right now! Right this minute! After diving in and playing around with my DMP. Tada!! I see it and believe it. Thank goodness I did the same with dressing myself. I knew if I kept trying until i got the effects i wanted. my right sock would be on the right foot, i wear toe socks gotcha! I stopped listening to the guys too,that told me you can wear your underwear inside out making it seem clean, by wearing them twice hahahhahaha. or I would be a mess. ha.yikes off topic.

After really getting into my DMP I could hear that chatter that comes up. I realized fully where my integrity in my word is to myself and to the world. I hear, your dream are too big, too much work lady, why go outside of the house and do your business, why don’t you just sit down and watch tv, take a load off, it’s too late in the game. Too much water under the bridge , you stayed out of life too long, who is going to listen to an old woman like you. Its full evidence, heck it is a confirmation all around here when this shows up , …..that I did not last year a keep my word. I am still in this apt. still havent got my car fixed and i still have a job. I havent saved money, I got bigger, I didn’t exercise. didnt get out of the house, one excuse after another, can you feel these words. Holy cow and shut my mouth. like who turned the turd channel on. I must have put whip cream and sprinkles to make it look good to keep up such a monologue with myself. yuk

So what is the process of change.

RISK screenshot_2018-10-31-18-34-39-1-916756441.png

THINKING OUT OF THE BOX,WALKING THE TALK!! I feel the change and people are finally coming back into my space. After starting the Master Key . wow I need to keep the exercises alive in my life and then my life changes so I can live it fully.

Risk taking a moment to love myself, believe it or not you not only get better looking but your body looks fantastic too. Glowing and healthy. Better attitude, way better jokes and i can get off the couch easier now because keeping my word to myself means life will be one step easier, i won’t have to fight or put myself down or restart keeping my word, when i personally love myself so much to keep it every second of the day. CHEERS
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MKE 2018, Week 5.2 – Guest Blogger Gabriella Huri

Almost through week 5 already – meet guest blogger Gabriella!


Turning Point Week 5


I think the picture describes exactly how I feel…I’m overwhelmed by all the exercises of Week 5. How can I manage them all?

We have just collectively decided that we will ‘Pay It Forward‘. We give the opportunity to others to participate the Master Key Mastermind Alliance personal growth course in 2019. Isn’t that nice from everyone? It feels great to GIVE!

It’s written down everywhere on my papers that ‘I always keep my promises, Gabriella Huri‘. I’m on this path for my own good. However, the game has changed, even I feel overwhelmed by all of the exercises, I just can’t quit now when my Definite Major Purpose is all about helping others to achieve their dreams. This isn’t only about me anymore…

I shall continue and just like a surfer, STAY ATOP THE WAVES…

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MKE 2018, Week 4.2 – Guest Blogger Per-Olof Söderblom

This week meet my Tribe member from Sweden, Per-Olof!



To subdue one habit with another. Change habits. Make new patterns. This week have been challenging. I am increasing the effort to overcome my resistance. I am moving myself forward. I have increased my activities. I have changed my thoughts. A little. It is a step in the right direction. This means also that I have been able to change my emotional mode consciously. I feel good about that.

In this weeks webinar we could see (400 of us doing this Master Key Experience and we all post blogs) how our thoughts and feelings create peptides in our brain. To make it more simple I just call it a chemical reaction. These peptides need to be fed with the same signals and chemicals that created them.

If I have a pattern, let us say that I feel fear, anger, sadness, nervous or any emotional state, every day. I have done this for the last 30 years. Then I need this flush of emotions to calm down. Even if it is pain in my body. If I am used to have it, my subconscious mind will create new pain for me. Because I believe it belongs to me. If I have had pain in my body for as long as I can remember then it have become a part of my identity. Like a living entity. So if the pain level is getting lower my subconscious will create new pain for me so that I can calm down. I feel secure with it. Now the situation is normal I tell myself. Pain is there. Everything is normal. I am familiar with it.

Now I talked about pain as an example. I could replace it with fear or any other feeling that in my opinion has a depressing effect on the body. My identity is created of this recognition and memory. This could be feelings, actions and patterns creating our life.

I experience that when I challenge it, it feels threatened and tries even stronger to manifest itself. Is it necessary to replace one pain with another ? Whats the point with this ? There is no point with it. No one at all. The point is to replace the fear, pain, anger, sorrow and so on with purpose, satisfaction, passion, joy, happiness, love and beauty. That must be the recognition. To create and build new bioneuorological pathways.

I have lived my life reactive based on fear. A fearbased reactive life. I take it all in here and now. I inhale it and suck it down into the fat of my bone marrow. It has been there all my life so it is necessary to go there. I respect it. It is powerful. There is a reason for it being there. Need to respect that. I accept and understand. Everything has an end.

There is a big important difference now, the new Me rejects this ! ! ! My new Me embrace my old blueprint, takes a firm grip, use all my powers and strength and throw it out. Get out ! ! !

Time to celebrate

The old patterns and memories left some energy in my body even I threw them out. They are not stupid. I need to repeat this over and over again. I know.

My first steps are careful. Little unsecure. Other memories comes up to surface. I adapt quickly. In this memory I am not connected to fear. The older memories helps me to walk with confidence. I remember now.

I went down to Subby, my horse. We went out for a walk. This week we have been walking every day. I feel better and Subby too. A little more confident. Our breathing capacity is increasing. We want to walk daily now. Our connection is getting stronger. There are moments when we look at each other and feel connected. We are not yet ready to ride. We made a try a few weeks ago and I almost fell off.

We both need to be in better condition before I sit up and ride Subby. This walks is good exercise for us. Our bodys and abilitys are getting stronger. Sometimes I get a bit withdrawn, introvert and lose the presence.

When I look up I find that Subby have left the path and walked into the forest where the terrain makes the walk difficult. It also happens that I find us in a marsh where we get lost from our pathway. It takes time and effort to find our way back to the path in that moments. It is a struggle when it happens. We exercise this now.

We need to keep ourselves more effortless on the path before it is time for a ride. It happens more often now that we are looking at the horizon at the same time.

Today we kept us on the path. I feel satisfied about that. Subby like it too. It feels important because we relax, our steps are easier, we move smoother. My thoughts get clearer. Subby nods to me, he is pleased with it. Now we are back home again. It was a good day. Time to rest and we are just waiting for our walk tomorrow.

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