MKE 2018, Week 4 – Back into the habits

I still vividly remember how much I struggled to remember all the exercises the first time I went through the course.
Actually participating again, after taking a break studying other material last year, shows how easy it is to get back into habits once established.
Due to manifestation of some parts in my DMP and some personal insights leading to changes being necessary, I rewrote my entire DMP at the beginning of this session. And it has never been more joyful reading it, so far I haven’t even written a movie trailer, I just enjoy reading my whole DMP too much to want to shorten it.
At the same time the members of my tribe do really well developing their DMP’s and it’s such an honor and a pleasure to follow their diligent work!
Though I can’t say for sure, my gut feeling is that this years class just picks up the pattern faster than earlier years.
And I thoroughly look forward to our Tribe call later today, I love how people engage, support each other and start forming a genuine mastermind.
Knowing what wonderful friendships I developed with other members in this movement it’s heartwarming to see the same starting to happen between the new members!
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